Kodak Digital Super 8 Camera Set To Ship Out Limited Edition Models In May 2017

The Kodak Super 8 camera is back with a digital twist at CES 2017


he Kodak Super 8 digital camera has been one of the most awaited tech releases in fall 2016. Many fans were disappointed after Kodak failed to launch the device a year ago. However, the company assured its fans that the camera is going to be launched this year.

During the CES 2017 show, Kodak reassured the public that it is still pushing through with the camera. The company even prepared prototypes to make people see its efforts. Kodak also revealed that the plans to ship limited editions of the camera by May this year.

The Kodak Super 8

Kodak Super 8 Camera Features

Considered to be Kodak’s first film camera since 1982, there has been a lot of hype for the firm’s Super 8. The product, which became a quick favorite during the CES 2016 disappointed fans after its botched launch date. Kodak Super 8 is a fully analog camera that could record to a cartridge. While maintaining the classic camera features, it comes with an LCD monitor, a slot for the SD card and an HDMI port.

Kodak Super 8 Delayed Launch

During the trade show, Kodak made it clear that production delays were not the issue. The company has been studying its market carefully and made modifications to the device.

Kodak tried to explain to the public its realization that the Super 8 camera is not a single product. The company is thinking about launching a platform or an entire product range according to The New York Post. According to the same report, the first products that will be launched are the ones in the “high end” range.

The latest model unveiled during the show had additional features including the new scroll feature based on a report from Gizmodo. This wheel will allow users to change the speed for recording. There is also a new button on top which will make it easier to record while moving. Plus, the LCD screen is also bigger than the previous model.