The Shadow / Batman #4 (@DynamiteComics) – New Comics

The Shadow / Batman #4

The Shadow / Batman #4 (Dynamite Comics) – New Comics

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Covers: Kevin Nowlan (A)
Philip Tan (B)
Brandon Peterson (C-Red/Black)
Giovanni Timpano (E-Sub)
Philip Tan (RI-B/W)
Kevin Nowlan (RI-Virgin)
ACO (RI-Virgin)
Brandon Peterson (RI-Black/Red)
Kevin Nowlan (RI-B/W)

FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen +

The veins of the Silent Seven have borne their way into the very heart of modern society. Their every move can be hidden, and there is no move that can be made in secret from them. And that includes Batman and the Shadow. When one of the Seven invades Wayne Manor, a horrifying revelation casts Batman’s entire mission in doubt. The only one that can save him? The Shadow. But can the Master of Men liberate both Wayne Manor and the Dark Knight’s mind without losing his own?

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The X-Files (2018) – TV Shows (@thexfiles)

The X-Files – TV Shows

The X-FilesAirs On: FOX

Premiere: 1/03/18

Season 11 of FOX’s iconic X-Files will pick up directly after last season’s finale as the search for Mulder and Scully’s son, William, becomes the main story arc. Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose will reprise their roles as Agents Miller and Einstein while guest stars will include Haley Joel Osment and Barbara Hershey.

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Darkhawk (Christopher Powell) – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

Darkhawk (Christopher Powell) – This Day In ComicsDarkhawk (Christopher Powell) – This Day In Comics

Christopher Powell, Darkhawk, first appeared in Darkhawk #1 (January 1, 1991).

Written by
Danny Fingeroth

Art by
Mike Manley

Colored by
Joe Rosas

Lettered by
Joe Rosen

First appearance of Darkhawk. Chris Powell was the teenage son of Mike Powell, a cop, and Grace Powell, a District Attorney. Following his younger twin brothers, Jon and Jason, to the abandoned amusement park across from his home, Chris discovered his father taking a bribe from mob boss Phillipe Bazin. While trying to escape with his brothers from Bazin’s henchmen, Chris discovered an amulet that transformed him into the Darkhawk armor. When his father disappeared after Chris saw him, he swore to use the Darkhawk armor as an “Edge against crime.”

Siryn (Theresa Cassidy) – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

Siryn (Theresa Cassidy) – This Day In Comics

Siryn (Theresa Cassidy) – This Day In ComicsSpider-Woman #37 – Who Am I?

Like her father, the X-Men’s Banshee, Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy is an Irish mutant who possesses a “sonic scream” capable of incapacitating and injuring an opponent’s hearing and sending powerful vibrations through the air. She can use these vibrations to fly. Theresa was raised by Banshee’s cousin and nemesis Black Tom Cassidy without Banshee’s knowledge. By her early teens, she left Black Tom and eventually joined the X-Men offshoots X-Force and later X-Factor. Siryn first appeared in Spider-Woman #37 (December 30, 1980), where she appears as a villain.

Hulk #340 [Marvel Comics] – Comic Book Covers

Hulk #340 - Comic Book CoversHulk #340 – Comic Book Covers

The Incredible Hulk #340 – Vicious Circle released by Marvel on February 1988.

Peter David – Writer
Todd McFarlane – Penciler
Todd McFarlane – Inker
Bobbie Chase – Assistant Editor
Bob Harras – Editor

After the Hulk accidentally destroys a plane, Wolverine is out to make him pay for his mistake. It’s Wolverine vs. the Hulk! Classic story line of Wolverine versus Gray Hulk with an even more classic cover.

The Justice League – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

The Justice League – This Day In Comics

The Brave and the Bold #28The Brave and the Bold #28 – Starro the Conqueror!

The Justice League first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28 (December 29, 1959).

The Justice League of America first appear with Wonder Woman, The Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and the Martian Manhunter teaming to spare the denizens of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, from the mental thrall of Starro the Conqueror.

Adventure Time #72 – (@boomstudios) – New Comics

Adventure Time #72 – (BOOM! Studios ) – New Comics

Adventure Time #72 - (BOOM! Studios )

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Kevin Cannon
Artist: Joey McCormick
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb
Subscription Cover: Joey McCormick
Price: $3.99

Adventure Time #72

‘Doubles Trouble’ Part 3 of 4. While Finn and Jake to take down an army of doubles, their other doubles have taken over the Candy Kingdom!

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Planet Of The Apes: Ursus #1 (of 6) – (@boomstudios) – New Comics

Planet Of The Apes: Ursus #1 (of 6) - (BOOM! Studios ) – New Comics

Planet Of The Apes: Ursus #1 (of 6) – (BOOM! Studios ) – New Comics

Planet Of The Apes: Ursus #1 (of 6)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Christopher Mooneyham
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Paolo Rivera
Intermix Cover: Michael Allred
Subscription Cover: Becca Carey
Unpublished Magazine Variant Cover: Bob Larkin
Unpublished Virgin Variant Cover: Bob Larkin

Price: $3.99


  • David F. Walker (Luke Cage) returns to the Planet of the Apes with artist Christopher Mooneyham (Five Ghosts) for a limited series about the franchise’s most notorious villain!
  • General Ursus has always hated and feared mankind. Get a glimpse at his rise through the ranks to General and what experiences brought him to the Forbidden Zone.

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