Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 (@Marvel)

Watch the first full trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

[Marvel] Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

This is Marvel’s first full trailer for Doctor Strange, following up a teaser it released in April. And the film continues to look every bit as interesting, like some weird, Marvel-ized Matrix. It’s certainly a new vibe for Marvel movies.

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” in theaters November 4, 2016.

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[Marvel] The Unworthy Thor Comic Book Series

The Original God of Thunder Is Back and Ready to Prove Himself in The Unworthy Thor

[Marvel] The Unworthy Thor Comic Book Series

Coming this Fall, The Unworthy Thor, by Mighty Thor writer Jason Aaron and artist Olivier Coipel, will follow the god’s escape and captivity—revealed to be at the hands of none other than cosmic archiver the Collector—and his journey to becoming a hero once more. But he’s not taking Jane’s place: Unworthy Thor is expressly a companion series to Mighty Thor. The Odinson is forging his own path, and will even wield his own hammer… one that actually has some pretty huge connections to the Pre-Secret Wars Marvel universe.

We sat down with Jason Aaron to discuss why now is the right time to give Thor Odinson his own series, what his re-appearance means for the Marvel universe, and just how the hell he’ll figure out referring to double the Thors in his work on Unworthy and Mighty Thor. (io9)

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Tony Stark to Be Replaced by Black Woman as Marvel’s Comic Book Iron Man

The new series of The Invincible Iron Man, by Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli, will launch at the end of the year.

Tony Stark to Be Replaced by Black Woman as Marvel's Comic Book Iron Man

There’s a new Iron Man. Well, Iron Man for now. She’s still working on the name. The events at the end of the comic book event series Civil War II will result in Tony Stark stepping out of the Iron Man suit and a new character, Riri Williams, taking over, Marvel

As part of Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel NOW! relaunch this fall, the inventor of the Iron Man armor will find his place taken by Riri Williams — a teenage genius who built her own version of the Iron Man suit in a dorm room at MIT.

Williams debuted in Invincible Iron Man No. 7 in March of this year, and will headline a relaunched version of the title later this year as part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Created by series writer Brian Michael Bendis — who also co-created Miles Morales, the half-Black, half-Latino Spider-Man that debuted in 2011 — and artist Mike Deodato, Riri has been shown to be even more resourceful than Stark himself, and just as stubborn.

Williams’ ascension as Iron Man (The title of the series will remain the same, according to Marvel) continues a trend for replacing, or at least expanding, the traditional white male heroes with a more diverse cast over the last few years; in addition to the Miles Morales Spider-Man, Sam Wilson became Marvel’s second black Captain America in 2014, the same year that Jane Foster took over as Thor.

Although Marvel is keeping the fate of Tony Stark quiet for now — although the already revealed cover to October’s Civil War II No. 7 suggests that his fight with Captain Marvel isn’t going to end well for him — Williams is already at work in the Iron Man comic book; the 11th issue of the series, released today, shows her road-testing her homemade armor.

Tony Stark to Be Replaced by Black Woman as Marvel's Comic Book Iron Man

Marvel Backtracks on Captain America Revelation After Just One Issue

Marvel Backtracks on Captain America Revelation After Just One Issue

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2

(Note: Here be spoilers, naturally. You’ve been warned.) After one issue, Captain America is no longer a Nazi. The only surprising thing here is how quickly Marvel backtracked on their initial choice, though it was clear Captain America would not actually be a Hydra agent forever. In an interview with, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said that in Captain America: Steve Rogers #2, it will be revealed that Captain America just thinks he’s a Nazi, err, I mean, Hydra agent, because he had false memories implanted by “Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube who became a girl.”

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