Wileyfox launches new Spark range, cheap phones and incremental improvements


Wileyfox are known – or rather, unknown – for their cheap, but well-specced smartphones. The Swift and Storm launched last year to generally good reviews, praising the affordability, performance, and design of the two phones, while criticising cameras and the occasional build quality issue. Today, the British company is announcing a range of phones, named Spark, Spark +, and Spark X.

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Report says Google will release non-Nexus phone this year

Google to step up smartphone wars with release of own handset

Google is planning a shake-up of the smartphone market by releasing its own handset, a move that would tighten its grip on mobile software and see it compete directly with the iPhone.

The technology giant is in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a Google-branded phone that will extend the company’s move into hardware, sources familiar with the discussions told The Telegraph.

Google already develops the Android operating system that runs on four in five smartphones sold around the world, and endorses a range of phones made by partners such as LG and Huawei under the Google Nexus brand. But unlike Apple, it leaves manufacturing to other companies such as Samsung, with the company concentrating on developing the free software that runs on its phones.

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Former NFL coach, defensive guru Buddy Ryan dies at age 82

Former NFL head coach and influential defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan died Tuesday.

Defensive coach Buddy Ryan celebrates after the Super Bowl XX game against the New England Patriots

Former NFL head coach and influential defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan died Tuesday. He was 82.

Ryan, who was outspoken and coached in the NFL for 26 seasons, was known for building some of football’s top defenses with a relentlessness that focused on creating havoc on the field.

Microsoft signs Android patent-licensing deal with Luna Mobile

Microsoft has signed an Android patent deal with Luna Mobile, even though its announcement of the arrangement never mentions the word ‘Android.’

Microsoft signs Android patent-licensing deal with Luna Mobile

Microsoft announced on June 28 that it had signed a patent deal with Tampa, Fla.-based Luna Mobile. As usual with Microsoft Android patent licensing deals, the exact terms of the deal weren’t disclosed — except for the fact that “Microsoft will receive royalties from Luna under the agreement.”

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed when I asked that this is an Android patent licensing arrangement, even though the word Android isn’t in the June 28 press release announcing the deal.

Lately, many of Microsoft’s new and renewed patent-licensing deals with Android vendors highlight the fact that those vendors will be bundling Microsoft apps and services on their Android tablets and smartphones. They downplay any kind of patent-licensing arrangement between Microsoft and the Android vendors. Today’s Luna Mobile deal doesn’t include any such app/service-bundling relationship with Microsoft, however.

Luna Mobile offers a line of mobile phones, accessories and other mobile devices and services it sells under the Luna brand.

“This patent collaboration comes as Luna Mobile prepares to release a new line of smartphones and telecommunication services later this year,” says the Microsoft press release.

Microsoft has not decided to stop collecting patent royalties from Android vendors. But today’s Microsoft is less intent on proclaiming that it is using its Windows patents as a weapon against Android vendors.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #1 [DC Comics]

The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #1


The Last Crusade picks up some years before Bruce Wayne originally hung up his cowl and sunk into a 10-year-long, alcohol-soaked retirement. While this Batman is younger and healthier than the one seen in The Dark Knight Returns, he’s beginning to feel the aches and pains of an aging body and fret about Jason’s readiness to take up the mantle. This is where The Last Crusade succeeds best. It shows us a more vulnerable Bruce, one who’s forced to confront his legacy and the knowledge that his days as Batman are numbered. Compared to Miller’s normally psychopathic interpretation of Batman, this is a far more evenhanded and introspective take on the character. And nowhere does this take work better than in the scenes between Bruce and Selina Kyle, the latter of whom has already gladly left the vigilante lifestyle behind.

Unique take on Batman notwithstanding, the whole appeal of The Last Crusade is seeing the last hurrah of Jason Todd and the Joker’s final rampage before the events of DKR. Unfortunately, neither character is really exploited to their fullest here. The comic spends far too little time trying to get inside Jason’s head or exploring the relationship between the Dynamic Duo. Other than the general idea that Jason is too violent and headstrong for his own good, there’s little insight into personality. As for Joker, the script certainly succeeds in tapping into the villain’s surreal, mercurial side. Co-writer Brian Azzarello’s voice is most readily apparent during Joker’s frequent monologues. But as for what the villain is actually trying to accomplish in this issue, that’s never really made clear. Joker’s character arc is obtuse at best, with the villain spending most of his page time waxing philosophical while chaos unfolds around him.

Bernie Sanders: “It Doesn’t Appear I’m Going To Be The Nominee”

Bernie Sanders: “It Doesn’t Appear I’m Going To Be The Nominee”

Bernie Sanders has admitted his campaign has lost to front runner Hillary Clinton in a C-SPAN interview today [June 22]. Senator Sanders stated, “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee.” He also added he had a meeting with Hillary Clinton in recent weeks and it was “very good.” The Senator continued with the following statement:

“Well, you know it’s hard to say, it doesn’t appear that I’m gonna be the nominee, so I’m not gonna be determining the scope of the convention,” admitted the Vermont senator, two weeks after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was projected to be the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee.

It’s the closest Sanders has come to conceding the prolonged Democratic primary race to his opponent.

Huawei Mate 8 review: probably the best all-round Android phone you can buy

Huawei Mate 8 review: probably the best all-round Android phone you can buy

The Huawei Mate 8

The Huawei Mate 7 was arguably the best phone of 2014 – it offered more features and, in some instances, better performance than every other flagship phone on the market while costing hundreds of dollars less. It also came to Australian shores early although its successor has come very late (it was launched in November 2015). It’s still relatively cheap… ish. But is it worth buying?

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[DC Comics] Green Arrow #1

[DC Comics] Green Arrow #1

[DC Comics] Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1 is one of the few “Rebirth” titles that maintains its regular series writer, and — while that made me a little hesitant at first — I’ll give Benjamin Percy and new series artist Otto Schmidt credit where it’s due. Not only is “Green Arrow” #1 new-reader friendly, but they pack a few big hooks into this issue to keep readers coming back for more.

Most of “Green Arrow” #1 is devoted to Green Arrow and Black Canary working together, having finally teamed up in “Green Arrow: Rebirth” #1 earlier this month. Percy isn’t afraid to use the opportunity to let Black Canary show Green Arrow how off-track his mission — or at least his methods — has become, as he bribes police, pays criminals and lets Queen Industries run rampant without his paying attention; as she points out, he only has one relationship that isn’t based on money. In short, Percy uses Black Canary’s voice for more than just her sonic powers; it’s a call to get Oliver to stop and reevaluate his life.

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Otto Schmidt
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: June 15, 2016


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice edition which was announced by the company will be available for sale on June 17. The company claims that there are only 500 units of this special edition. The device will be available in different countries and they include China, Singapore, Korea, Russia, and some countries in Latin America.

Earlier, the price of this special edition device was not known, recently the price was revealed in Russia. The device will cost $1220 which is comparatively much higher than the Galaxy S7 edge. This edition of the device comes with a different look.

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Nike Air Huarache “Night Maroon”

Nike Air Huarache “Night Maroon” Nike’s classic Air Huarache is back in a fresh new colorway, dubbed “Night Maroon”. It sports dark purple and black across its mesh and synthetic leather upper, while tonal laces and a white midsole complete the look.

The Nike Air Huarache “Night Maroon” is available now at select retailers, including Sneak Avenue.