Android N is officially called Nougat

After months of speculations and guesses, Google has finally revealed the official name of the next version of the Android operating system. Via its Twitter and Snapchat accounts, the tech giant revealed that Android N will be called Android Nougat.

Android N is officially called Nougat

N is for Nougat.

Google on Thursday officially named the latest version of its Android mobile software, up until now only known as Android N.

For the uninitiated, there are two things that go into naming the latest flavor of Android. First, it has to proceed alphabetically from the last version. Second, it has to be a candy or dessert. For example, “K” was for 2013’s KitKat, “L” was for 2014’s Lollipop, and “M” is for Marshmallow, the Android version released in October.

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